Credentials Exam Reimbursement

Credentials Exam Reimbursement

To be eligible for reimbursement, applicants must:

  1. Be an active member of KHIMA (dues up to date and Kentucky selected as the designated CSA)
  2. Have graduated (or be an early tester) from a CAHIIM-accredited HIT or HIA program
  3. Have successfully passed the RHIT or RHIA Examination
  4. Exam must be taken within 6 months of graduation, and all required documents must be submitted within 3 months after the exam is passed
Street Address
Primary Phone Number
Primary Email Address
NOTE: Must be submitted within 6 months from graduation in order to consider for reimbursement.
* Attach applicable receipt for consideration
Submit application along with a copy of official documentation from AHIMA stating successful completion of exam.

The following documents are required as part of the application submission.

  • Official document from AHIMA stating successful completion of RHIT or RHIA exam
  • Proof of graduation (or proof of early tester status) from CAHIIM-accredited HIT/HIA program
  • Copy of returned check or receipt showing payment by applicant

If any documents are missing, the applicant will be contacted and asked for additional documentation prior to receiving reimbursement.

Maximum upload size: 2.1MB
PDF format only